Jyoti (India) Metal Industries Pvt Ltd, manufacturers of Nirali Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks has achieved the dual status of being India's No. 1 and also the largest selling brand in the country. Known for innovation, style and durability, its products have found overwhelming recognition in Europe, USA, Nepal, Vietnam, Kenya and Sri Lanka as well.
The company is well supported by a strong nationwide sales force and over 2000 dealer network across India. With its constant endeavour towards innovation and precision engineering Nirali Stainless steel Kitchen Sinks will always be the ultimate choice today, and in the future.

1985 - JYOTI INDUSTRIES are set up with a clear-cut focus on making quality stainless steel sinks, the market gives it an over-whelming response
1997 - As market demands for Nirali sinks skyrockets. A new factory commences construction at palghar (Maharashtra)
1999 - the construction of the new factory is complete. It is equipped with state of the art technology, comparable with international standards. It immediately acquires the status of the largest sink manufacturing plant in the country.
- As the new millennium dawns, what once used to be "JYOTI INDUSTRIES". Is renamed as M/s JYOTI (INDIA) METAL INDUSTRIES PVT LTD. The company that started out with three standard models then, now has fourty nine models in one hundred & nine different sizes while new ones are on the constant influx.
The in-house tool room inputs into action the latest models in custom made sinks as developed by the R & D department. The driving force behind the No.1 Indian sink lies in its two enterprising directors and the workforce of two hundred and fifty strong employees. Each proficient in their field. Its sinks are not only supplied to its close neighbors like Nepal and Sri Lanka but also to far off countries like Kenya and Vietnam and also to developed countries like U.S.A and U.K who find their products praiseworthy.
"JYOTI (INDIA) METAL INDUSTRIES PVT LTD". is also the largest supplier of kitchen sinks to the biggest Indian builders like `Hiranandani's’, `Lokhandwala's’, `Rahejas’ and also to top industrial houses of the country like `Reliance’, `Tata’ and `L & T’. It is also a major supplier of sinks to the Indian railways, which has one of the largest networks of railways in the world.Honored by the Government of India with the certificate of appreciation. Nirali Possesses over one thousand five hundred dealers all over India.
Ever-expanding horizons, to meet the demands of the international market.
2002 - JYOTI (INDIA) METAL INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD. has been awarded the prestigious BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Certificate by the British Standard Institution.
2005 - The Company has received yet another internationally acclaimed certificate, ISO 14001:1996 as an acknowledgment of its eco-friendly manufacturing practices and policies.