Square Plain
Overall size
Bowl Size
485 mm x 485 mm
19 inch x 19 inch
410 x 410 x 190 mm
16 x 16 x 7½ inch
432 mm x 432 mm
17 inch x 17 inch
355 x 355 x 180 mm
14 x 14 x 7 inch

Anti scratch

Nirali’s popular range gives a flexibility of selection with 13 model’s and 45 different sizes which gives wide choice for kitchen platform for installing kitchen sink. It’s durability with single body sinks help’s for years in terms of usage and functionality in the kitchen.

  Popular Range Features

AISI 304 Quality Grade 1 mm Thick

Plain type sinks have flat
borders for correct
sandwiching between the
platform top and Granite slabs